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Help for seasonal sinus drainage

When I got up today I stepped outside to check the weather, I was greeted by a wonderful cool crisp morning. It was quite the contrast from the warm humid mornings of the summer. One of the main indicators of the change of seasons is the sudden drop in temperature at night. This change in temperature brings changes in our physical body as well. One of the first signs is the resulting tickle or drainage in your throat. As this drainage becomes more pronounced, it can lead to cold-like symptoms. The drainage may leak into the ear canal overnight, causing the ears to become plugged. Or, if it drips into the lung area you wake up with a cough and it feels like it is stuck in the lungs.

Because the temperature changes affect the function of the hypothalamus gland, you may also find Your hunger increases, and you can’t seem to satisfy it. The herb Burdock supports the function of the hypothalamus gland which regulates temperature changes in the body, hunger, thirst and the function of the hormonal system. Burdock is a wonderful herb to take during seasonal changes. Burdock helps to minimize the reaction to the temperature changes; and stops the over-secretion of mucus in the lungs and sinus. As soon as the weather cools down like this I begin taking two burdock root capsules every evening, it works great to prevent these symptoms. I might add another 2 capsules in the morning if the weather is particularity cold. Once the body adjust to the cooler weather, you may not need it every day.

If you are bothered by the fall allergies consider Nature’s Sunshine’s Sinus Support EF, this formula contains the herb burdock so it helps with the sinus drainage from the change of seasons. It also contains herbs with expectorant and decongestant properties, as well as herbs to shrink swollen inflamed sinus passages and help fight infections. I have always found it very helpful for the fall allergies. If you didn’t catch the sinus dripping in time and have developed sticky mucus in the lungs, the herbal combination of Marshmallow/Fenugreek from Nature’s Sunshine is a good choice. Marshmallow and Fenugreek help loosen and thin the mucus. Garlic also works well for this purpose. You can even make some soup broth with several chopped cloves of garlic in it and drink this a couple times a day. The garlic also helps kill bacteria to help prevent infections which are common with congested lungs.

Special note: If you travel during the fall or winter season, to a place which is much warmer or colder than where you live, make sure to bring burdock and take it daily. How many people do you know which come home from a tropical vacation and get cold symptoms as soon as they arrive home? With the sudden temperature changes, the body does not have time to acclimate to it; so it over-reacts and produces lots of sinus drainage.

Technically, the drainage serves the purpose of flushing out potential irritants from the nasal passages. However, an undernourished hypothalamus gland, due to less than optimal diet, causes this over-reaction. It is very common to let our healthy eating fall by the wayside when on vacation. That’s why I always bring Ultimate GreenZone along, in case I can’t give lots of good veggies on my vacation.

I hope this information helps you learn to support your body as this beautiful Fall season ushers in.

May you embrace the changing season with joy and gratitude, Valerie

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