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Awakening your Intuition

My intuition spoke to me with quiet voice today. Notice the pictures below, when I first saw these beautiful flowers, I wanted to take their picture but the “ugly” meter and breaker boxes in the background seemed to ruin the photo. I walked away to look for something else to photograph, and my intuition spoke to me revealing a different picture to me…

“As your intuition first begins to blossom, it is like a pretty flower which you notice, perhaps for a just fleeting moment. And then your attention quickly returns to your mind, which is always turning like the meter in the box. And the messages from your mind are always being sent out, like the electricity in the breaker box. But when you make the decision to choose to focus on your intuition instead, the flower comes clearly into focus and its beauty is revealed; and your chattering mind quickly fades into the background. “

May you take time to notice your intuition as it tugs at your heart and speaks to your Soul. It is yearning to be noticed, expanded and developed so that you might live a Spirit guided life connected to your higher self and your Creator.

Blessings, Valerie

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