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Do your thoughts affect your genes?

For over 45 years of my life I was led to believe that my genes determined my destiny regarding the ability to heal my body, and which diseases I would get. For many people, this information is like a time bomb just waiting to manifest, a gravestone already written, with their name on it. In the last 10 years, we have begun to really think differently, to explore new possibilities and to understand the role of your mind, your Spirit and your perception in health and wellness. The new field of Epigenetics has emerged from this new perception and we now discover that your genes are controlled by your environment (physical, mental, emotional) and the person’s PERCEPTION of that environment. This is powerful information which now places the ability to heal your body and to restore health and vitality, into the realm that you can control. We are taking our power back and with this power comes inspiration and hope which spills over into all aspects of our life. The following video by Bruce Lipton, a pioneer in the study of Epigenetics, explains this concept beautifully.

Visit Bruce Lipton's website for more information, amazing videos and educational material.

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