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SOS for your Nervous System

There are times in our life that stress gets the best of us and begins to wear us down. This is when your nervous system will send out an SOS call for additional nutritional support your nervous system. The following herbal formulas naturally contain the B-vitamins and magnesium the body needs for a healthy nervous system. In addition, they contain wonderful herbal properties which help sustain us through the stress.

SUMA combination (#1088) – combines several adaptogen herbs along with herbs that strengthen your immune system and help your mind stay alert. What a great combination for stress. We have all been in the place where stress builds up and we push ourselves too hard. Soon we find our immune system begins to weaken. Suma combination supports this situation perfectly. This formula contains Echinacea and Astragalus which stimulate your immune system to be on alert for invaders. Suma bark and Eleuthero are adaptogen herbs which support your energy and ability to handle stress. While Ginkgo and Gotu kola are added to provide “brain food” to help with concentration and memory while under stress.

On an emotional level the herbs in Suma combination help to lift our negative emotions out of a downward spiral. Its herbs have a vibration which affect our physical, mental and emotional bodies to raise our personal vibrations to a higher frequency. This herbal combination helps us get back on our path and awakens our artistic and creative energy.

Stress-J (#1084-1)– On a physical level this formula is excellent to calm nervous tension and anxiety. It is very helpful for those who send their tension into their gut as it contains herbs which break up gas and relax, in the intestinal system. Stress-J formula helps to quiet the racing mind as it is thought to increase levels of the amino acid compound GABA which helps lower excessive brain activity and improving sleep quality. I often take this formula in the evening for this reason. When I feel stressed, I take 3 with dinner (remember it helps digestion) and 3 more a little closer to bedtime. Stress-J is a good formula to take in conjunction with a liver cleanse because it helps to calm an agitated liver (Wood energy). The key herb in this formula is Passion flower which seems to help balance many female menopausal concerns like hot flashes and anxiety. Making it an excellent sleep choice for many women.

On an emotional level, Stress-J helps you to clarify your thoughts and calm your heart. On an energetic level these herbs help you to release your fears and reach upward through whatever you are going through.

Essential Fatty acids - Essential fatty acids are necessary for all cellular function, and particularly for the brain and nervous system. They help to control what can enter the cell, as well as removing waste products from the cell. A lack of these good fatty acids has a dramatic impact on mood, behavior, and mental function. A small deficiency of these fatty acids can cause impaired ability to learn and recall information. When Fatty acids are low, the protective coating around your nerves can break down and leave your nerves feeling “frazzled”. Foods that are high in essential fatty acids include salmon, mackerel, herring, raw nuts and seeds. I recommend people supplement with 1 or 2 capsules of fish oils or flax seed oil daily, in addition to adding the above foods to their diet.

Essential oils- I love to use essentials oils daily to support my moods and balance my nervous system. Nature's Sunshine's new roll-on blends are wonderful! Refuge blend is a favorite of mine, it is so soothing and earthy (#21579). The Shine blend ​is uplifting and fresh, it has strong hints of lemon combined with peppermint, rosemary and cedar (#21582). Inspire blend is more soothing it has hints of citrus combined with spearmint and peppermint (#3871). It's good to note that the oils you find yourself attracted to and smell wonderful, will change along with your moods. If you are as "calm as a cucumber" you are not likely to like the smell of Refuge blend. And if you are feeling fatigued then Shine blend might smell fantastic to you. Your sense of smell is guiding you to the oils you need most.

Blessings, Valerie

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