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Ignite your Digestion and Metabolism

If I am going to play with fire, I want to enjoy every minute of it. I made this tasty drink to activate my digestion this morning. Don’t let the cool Icey look fool you, this was hot and spicy yet delicious.

Why combine these together? The capsicum, ginger and fresh pineapple activates the digestion. The green tea is light and refreshing, and helps activate metabolism. A few Raspberries add antioxidants and great flavor. I drank it about a half hour before my morning protein drink.

Drink this when:

  • Your digestion is sluggish

  • If you overdid on dairy or wheat which causes mucus in the digestive system

  • When your food feels like it sits like a lump in your belly for hours

  • If you are fighting off a cold and want to activate your immune system. Hint: add a little fresh garlic and horseradish to this blend to kick out the cold.

  • You feel cold all the time and want to warm your body, and improve circulation

  • If you want to turn up your metabolism – hint: you can add a Tbs. of raw apple cider vinegar to this to enhance this effect.

  • Too Hot for you to handle? Add a couple capsules of Slippery Elm to the drink – it will cool the heat of the ginger and capsicum on your stomach but won’t interfere with their benefits. Also, cut back a little on the capsicum quantity until you tolerate it better.

How I made mine:

1 cup brewed Tazo Zen iced tea

1 capsule of NSP Capsicum

3-4 chunks fresh pineapple

1 Handful of fresh or frozen berries

½ cup Big Island Hawaiian Gingerade or/ a Tbsp. of fresh grated ginger and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Blended in my Nutri-Bullet until smooth

Today I woke up and did 20 minutes of Qigong to wake up my body and to improve oxygen in the body by breathing deeply. Increased oxygen intake turns on your metabolism by fanning the fire in your digestive tract. After the exercise, I made my morning drink with the green tea, pineapple and blueberries. Today I added a Tbs. of Apple cider vinegar to turn on the digestion, 2 capsules of slippery elm to cool the fire in the gut (also helps prevent spasms which some people get with spicy foods) and added 1 scoop of Focus Attention powder to wake up my brain. OMG this was a great combination! I felt like my metabolism went into full throttle, I felt alive and awake. The apple cider vinegar made the drink have a full head of foam like a beer, which was kind of fun. Try it and Enjoy!

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