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Choices in the Window

At certain points throughout my day, I like to stop and quiet my mind. I like to slip into a wordless state to observe my thoughts and situations around me. There are signs and messages everywhere if we just learn to stop, look and listen. Such was the case one morning when I let my little dog out for his morning romp in the yard. He’s such an enthusiastic little guy, always embracing all life has to offer. He makes me laugh when I watch him as he contemplates all the possibilities that lie before him. As I closed the door I caught his image in the beveled glass as he paused to consider which direction to run off in, which adventure to pursue. The glass created an illusion of four identical little dogs which surrounded him like a kaleidoscope, each equally

poised for potential action.

This seemed like the perfect time to consider the paradox before me. “Which of these dogs are the real dog? “ As I asked this, my mind slipped into a wordless state and I felt into the illusion in front of me. I began to see the reflective dogs as representing parallel universes, existing at the same moment. Each dog could potentially move off in any direction creating a totally different adventure, so essentially, they all were “real.” At that moment his decision made, my dog spotted his target and ran off in his chosen direction. The four other dogs merging with him, the five had become one.

This caused me to contemplate how that at any given moment we have endless possibilities and choices from which to create our lives from. Each parallel Universe quietly awaits our calling, just waiting for us to focus and choose our destiny. We are the ones that create the circumstances in our lives as we focus our attention on the good, or on the bad, on abundance or on lack. It is in our power to choose the next emotion we embrace, what dream to hold on to or which magical door to open. It is from this gift of choice that we create our lives.

"I pray that I remember to slow down several times throughout my day to stop the chatter in my mind long enough to listen to my heart. I pray I learn to recognize the yearnings of my spirit, to listen to the guidance of my Angels, and to remember that I am free to choose my path in life".

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