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Activating the Healing response

Activating the Healing Response…

When approaching the subject of natural healing many people ask me “Where do I begin”? The answer lies first and foremost in activating the healing response in a person. This is the inner desire and outward physical changes that triggers the body to activate the healing response. It is the change from a destructive downward spiral to an upward building and renewing cycle. When you go for a Natural Health consultation your consultant will talk with you regarding their health concerns, goals, and how you would like them to help you. When I converse with clients, I assess their personality, motivation, and lifestyle. This helps me to determine what steps need to be taken to activate the healing response in their body.

Today, I would like to share some thoughts on how to activate the healing response in yourself or your family and friends. A body in need of repair, needs all of the metabolic processes in the body to be activated (put into action). When a person is not healthy, many of these processes are underactive and therefore, inefficient. Our first activator of the healing process is in the realm of thoughts, spirit, and physical action. One must have a desire to be healthier, and have a willingness to change their habits in order to promote healing in their body. When you decide to change bad habits, cut back on sugars, meditate or pray, and start exercising, you will begin the healing process. Activate your healing potential in your body by believing in yourself, caring for yourself enough to make the changes that are needed, and then begin by taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle.

Physically we can activate the body’s healing processes by improving digestion and the assimilation of nutrients, which are needed for rebuilding and repair of the cells. We begin by choosing to eat healthy foods which build our body. We make choices to avoid processed foods, white flour breads, rice and pasta. We stop using white sugar and cut back on sweet foods. Because so many of us have weak digestion due to poor eating habits and high stress, supplementing with digestive enzymes is a great step for activating the body to restore normal metabolic function. Proactazyme Plus from Nature's Sunshine is an enzyme formula, from plant sources, that provides enzymes which help digest all food groups (except dairy). This formula has an emphasis on breaking down carbohydrates, sugars, and plant fibers (like beans). This is a helpful formula for someone who has been eating a lot of processed foods for many years. It provides raw plant enzymes as if you were eating a large amount of raw foods instead of processed and cooked ones. These enzymes help break down your food, so your body does not have to work so hard to do it. Not only does this help you get more nutrients out of your food, but it also slows down the aging process because it helps to improve your metabolic processes. As digestion improves, nutrients are taken up and the body begins to send them throughout the body to help build and repair. Another great activator of the healing process are aromatherapy essential oils. Essential oils stimulate the healing response in a person. They directly affect the sense of smell. The aroma sends a signal directly to the Limbic System in the brain which is the center of emotions, memory and sexual arousal. This is why essential oils have such a powerful effect on our moods and general state of mind. They help to kill bacteria and viruses, and stimulate the body's immune system. They help the body eliminate toxins, promote new cell growth, and encourage the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Some essential oils increase the circulation. When inhaled by the lungs, they help to oxygenate the blood. Aromatherapy can be used to lift a person’s moods and outlook on life, and activate the healing response within.

My six favorite essential oils to activate the healing response in people:

Bergamot – Helps with anxiety, depression, fear and stress, a refreshing oil that lifts the spirits.

Lavender – Relaxing, improves sleep, relieves anxiety, irritability, depression, relaxes muscle tension.

Pink Grapefruit - Uplifting, balancing to emotions, fluid retention, lymphatic congestion.

Patchouli and Sandalwood – grounding oils that help to center a person and bring them “back to earth.” They relax the mind and quiet mental chatter.

Rosemary – Stimulating, lifts mental fatigue, enhances memory, and helps clear the mind of doubt and confusion.

Nature's Sunshine's - Refuge Calming Blend is a wonderful blend which combines the uplighting citrus and the relaxing herbs along with grounding herbs like cedar to form a perfect blend for unwinding. It contains: Lavender, Orange, Atlas Cedar, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy and Vanilla

In order to spark healing and change in a person’s life you need to change their environment and negative habits. Although this is not possible on a physical level, emotionally we can do this with the use of the essential oils. Take for instance a person who typically went to bed worrying about the next day’s tasks and problems. By diffusing the oils of lavender and bergamot in their bedroom, their focus changes instead to the beautiful scent of the oils. The mood lifting aspect of bergamot and the relaxing property of lavender allow them to create a new environment to go to sleep in. Now add the aspect of having them playing relaxing music (instead of the TV) and doing a few relaxation stretches or yoga just before bed. You can begin to see how these simple changes can create a new environment that activates the body’s ability to heal and release stress. I encourage you this week to consider how you can change some of the negative habits in your life to a positive health activating habit instead.

Between every inhale and exhale is a pause;

Within that pause is the power of choice,

A choice to embrace healing, illness, weakness or strength,


I pray you choose life, and life more abundantly.

May these words of encouragement help you move forward

on your path in healing and transformation,


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