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The Voice of Loneliness

I walked with loneliness today,

She encircled me like a morning mist slowly moving across a meadow,

Soon I could only see her, and my perspective on life disappeared,

I walked with loneliness today,

She creates an illusion of safety, something akin to friendship,

Do I choose to stay with her?

Or does she secretly plan to suffocate me?

As I sit with loneliness, quietness surrounds me,

Within the depths of solitude, voices around me begin to speak,

The wind whispers, and a bird explains many mysteries of life,

A sunbeam falls in front of me and speaks of transformation,

Am I truly alone?

I become aware of conversations with myself,

Who is this “I” which speaks to me?

I walked with loneliness today,

As she reached her hands to blind my eyes from all that was around me,

I began to hear the voice of my soul speak to me,

I began to realize greatness within me,

Reaching far beyond the room I sat alone in,

I began to realize how connected I was to everything,

I sat with loneliness today,

That which I thought was my enemy,

Revealed herself to be my closest friend,

She set me free,

To find my true self,

To discover my authentic self within.

~ Valerie Greguire

copyright RestoingLight 2018, all rights reserved

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