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Celebrating Life with Gratitude and Love 

Here at Restoring Light Healing Arts Center, my desire for you is to fully embrace the potential for healing and transformation which lies within you. My focus is to educate you on the energy of healing and how to activate this power in your life. This includes learning how to use your intuition, work with your life force energy and discover your natural healing abilities . my desire is to empower you with knowledge and insight on how you can improve your health naturally. By educating you on specific areas of health and nutrition you will learn to make changes that will lead to life-changing benefits. 


 I hope to guide you to discover and connect with your true inner self.  

I want to help you push past your fixed beliefs and limited understandings of what is possible in the realm of healing. I’d like to empower you with a sense of confidence and adventure as you move forward to work on improving your health and the health of those around you. 


Do you have a desire to learn more about the concepts of healing, energy and personal transformation? Do you desire to help yourself and your family, or perhaps embark on a new career in this field? If so, I invite you to contact me to begin your journey towards renewed health.


Blessings, Valerie Greguire

The Healing Power of Mushrooms

A beautiful morning relaxing with an inspirational book. The whole experience just got better with a cup of organic  coffee with a scoop of medicinal mushrooms, yum! 

When you start your day with inspirational thoughts, healthy natural foods, and wholesome supplements... 



Enhancing Digestive Energy
Your digestive health is very much connected to your mind and your emotions. Most of us have felt “butterflies” in our stomach when we were nervous, or loss our appetite when we got angry or upset. These are isolated incidences which the body can recover from easily. Some people, however, spend a lot of time worrying or dwelling on their “problems”, or have a career (like an accountant), that requires that they spend a lot of time in deep thought. In these situations, digestive energy can become depleted...



Adjusting to Seasonal Changes

As the early morning light crossed the horizon, I stepped outside to check the weather; I was greeted by a wonderful cool crisp morning. It was quite the contrast from the warm humid mornings of the summer. One of the main indicators of the change of seasons is the sudden drop in temperature at night. This change in temperature brings changes in our physical body as well. One of the first signs is the resulting tickle or drainage in your throat...