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Here at Restoring Light Healing Arts Center, my desire for you is to fully embrace the potential for healing and transformation which lies within you. My focus is to educate you on the energy of healing and how to activate this power in your life. This includes learning how to use your intuition, work with your life force energy and discover your natural healing abilities . my desire is to empower you with knowledge and insight on how you can improve your health naturally. By educating you on specific areas of health and nutrition you will learn to make changes that will lead to life-changing benefits. 


 I hope to guide you to discover and connect with your true inner self.  

I want to help you push past your fixed beliefs and limited understandings of what is possible in the realm of healing. I’d like to empower you with a sense of confidence and adventure as you move forward to work on improving your health and the health of those around you. 


Do you have a desire to learn more about the concepts of healing, energy and personal transformation? Do you desire to help yourself and your family, or perhaps embark on a new career in this field? If so, I invite you to contact me to begin your journey towards renewed health.


Blessings, Valerie Greguire

Targeted help for Allergies
The spring flowers have begun to bloom here is South Carolina, and the pollen is out in full force. Everyday my car is coated with a layer of yellow dust – it is amazing how much there is. I would normally be stuffy and sneezing, but I am able to go outside and take a deep breath and enjoy it. I had allergies way back when I was 10 years old, for years I lived on Sudafed all summer long. When I was 25, I started working with herbs and lifestyle changes and was able to overcome my allergies, they barely bother me now. For those of you who are suffering with allergies, I'd like to share with you several natural formulas I have used successfully.



Activating  Healing

What is the energy behind the body’s ability to heal? Can we influence this energy?

Why does one person get sick and recover in hours or days, while another struggles for weeks to recover? There is an energy which activates healing, to find understand its importance, we need to look beyond the physical level to a level of energy and vibration which takes place at a cellular level. You have around 50 to 70 trillion cells in the body, which are all communicating with each other, and you are communicating with your cells as well. Your cells hold a frequency, and like Tibetan bowls, once activated, they release their energy and information held within them. To fully embrace the energy of healing we must move past focusing on physical symptoms and shift our focus to the flow of energy through the body.



Focus on Spring Cleansing

As we transition into spring, it's important to reassess our dietary habits and make any necessary changes. If you've been indulging in unhealthy foods over the winter months, it's time to shift towards a more natural, plant-based diet. A morning smoothie can be an excellent way to kickstart your day with a healthy dose of veggies, fruits, and fiber, all of which help the body in the cleansing process. The Liver naturally wants to cleanse in the springtime so it can remove any accumulated toxins that may have built up during the colder and usually less active months of the year.


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