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Gaffiti in the Sky

At the top of a mountain at the edge of the sky, I met a sea of graffiti. The words and images reached out in all directions around me. The emotions of the artists were held in the stone, like fossils waiting to be discovered over time. The images were overlapping and ever changing, fading like the seasons of our lives.

Initially, frustration and anger rose within me from the defacing of the natural surroundings. I had to move into my heart to release the anger, because I wanted to hear the voices in the stone. And when I did so, I could feel that the land was not upset about the graffiti, but rather, that it understood. These great stones on the mountain top seemed to embrace the emotions of the people like a mother would lovingly hold her child. And I could feel the great love that Mother Earth holds for us.

The whole effect created a strange surreal image of man and Nature coming together. The merging colors spoke of unity, of hearts connected, yearning to be remembered, yearning to be seen. The calling out of souls yearning to connect with something beyond themselves. At the top of the mountain, at the edge of the sky, I met a sea of graffiti and a rainbow of love.

Copyright 2022 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Photos taken at Ceasar Head park, South Carolina


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