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Empowering your Health

One of the keys to restoring the health of your physical body is in realizing that there is an aspect of the physical body which is made of energy -pure vibration - which means that the physical body has a frequency which it resonates at. When you realize that your body is more than just physical and has an energetic side to it, you empower yourself to awaken your inner healer.

The flow of life force energy through the body can be blocked, diminished, or become distorted. This creates symptoms in the body and inhibits the body’s ability to self-regulate and repair. When this happens, the body is not able to function at optimal levels. When you approach healing from an energetic perspective, you can affect the very foundations which created the imbalances which lead to illness or disease.

The energetic balance in our bodies is affected by our food choices, the environment we spend our time in, and the emotions we hold in our body. Emotions possess a tangible vibration that can be sensed easily. Emotional energy can be so strong that they can be felt across a room – think of entering a party, and how you can instantly feel the mood of the people in the room. Food, too, carries its unique energy and vibration. Food grown with love, and respect for the land and the animals, radiates life affirming energy into your body when you consume it. In contrast, heavily processed, profit-driven foods emit a lower vibrational frequency that our cells readily register. The places we inhabit, work, or visit accumulate energetic imprints from the people and the experiences that have taken place there. We can all think of a place we entered and felt a “bad vibe” or in contrast felt that the place was so peaceful and serene. When choosing a home, individuals often rely on the energetic feel of the place.

Empowering ourselves to attain better health involves conscious choices across various dimensions of our lives. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle, incorporating regular exercise, and prioritizing adequate rest are fundamental steps. Mindful choices in food, selecting nourishing and wholesome options, contribute significantly to our overall well-being. The environment we inhabit plays a crucial role; creating spaces with positive energy, natural light, and good ventilation fosters a healthier living atmosphere. Equally important is the company we keep—surrounding ourselves with supportive, positive individuals positively impacts our mental and emotional health. By aligning our choices in lifestyle, nutrition, environment, and social circles, we take significant strides toward empowering our journey to better health.

I encourage you to ignite your curiosity to explore healing your body at a vibrational level and not just a physical one. As you do this, you will become empowered and excited and see how well the body responds to this. The first time you remove a headache in just a few moments using a healing technique you step through a door to a new paradigm and healing which lead you on Journey of discovery to remember the true nature of your physical body and what is capable of.

Copyright 2023 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Artwork by Valerie Greguire, Copyright 2023, all rights reserved


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