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Co-Creating our Life

We are all co-creators with God and spirit. He has given us an amazing planet to live on, streaming with life. Everything we see is made of particles of light, energy and information. We are only now beginning to understand how magnificent and wonderfully made we are. We are just beginning to understand how our thoughts and emotions affect how our cell function, and how our bodies heal. We are now becoming aware of the endless potential for health and vitality that we hold within us. We are beginning to connect with our healer within.

Our birthright is to be co-creators on this beautiful planet we live on. We were not created to be passive travelers, tossed about by every wind and storm. I encourage you to release your attachment to your past stories of "how things are”, and allow for something new to unfold, Embrace the energy of healing within you. Dig into your heart and find your creativity again. Experience the longing in your heart to create something new, something powerful, something beautiful. All that you seek, all that you need is already within you.

May you embrace this gift you have been given. May you embrace your power of choice and your ability to shift your perspective. May you decide right here now to become a conscious co-creator of your life.

Blessings, Valerie

The vase the potter created began as an idea, and a simple lump of clay. It spent time spinning round and round, between the potter’s hands; changing shape but having no distinct form. And yet, intention brought it forth. The beautiful vase created from a vision held in the potter’s mind, was manifested by his heart’s leading and by trusting in the gifts and talents he was given.

Creation itself is the very breath of God unfolding before us. Each of us are born creators, our expression thereof is our art. And art is the window the artist uses to draw you and awaken you to the knowledge and beauty of your Creator.


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