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Celebrating Your Gifts

Christmas time, is a beautiful time of year. A time when we focus our hearts on giving and sharing, a time when we push aside our egos to focus on creating magic in the lives of those we love and care about – yes, beautiful magic.

Christmas is full of magical moments, from the glistening snow and flickering lights on a well adorned house, to the magic moment of seeing the tree light up. There is magic in the children's eyes as they hold up their presents, dream of flying reindeer, or wake to the mysterious disappearance of Christmas cookies left behind for Santa. We each have a special moment of magic that we can recall when we look back on Christmas time.

And then there is the magic of gift giving. The thought and time we put into a gift, wrapping it up, so to hide our treasure, and the beautiful magic of watching the face of the person we love unwrap and discover it. This is one of the joys of Christmas.

Our wonderful loving Creator has given to each us of gifts and talents which reside within our hearts and Soul. Our Creator yearns for us to find and unwrap these very special gifts. Their discovery, like the lighting of the Christmas tree, is pure magic. These gifts are hidden and wrapped to conceal their beauty until the moment you choose to reach for them. They may be disguised as our life’s biggest struggles and hardest challenges, and yet when unwrapped, lead us to our greatest accomplishments and are most transforming moments. At other times, they reveal themselves as a deep yearning or desire which we cannot push aside. We seek and pursue these desires not knowing precisely where they lead. As we become closer, the gift and magic unfolds and we gain insight and direction. And in that beautiful moment when you can see the gift clearly, all that you have been through, all the struggles and the roads traveled, they all make sense. This is the moment of gratitude, the moment your purpose for being here on earth lights up within your heart. In this moment, we can celebrate, we can twirl around and dance with joy, at the beauty of this wonderful discovery.

Do we have just one gift to find, do we have just one purpose to fulfill? I’ve attended many seminars, read many books and had conversations with many people which revolve around discovering your life purpose, talents and gifts. For many, they look for an isolated event, or one hidden talent, but it is so much more than that. What if you were to allow your life purpose to unfold in each event of your life and each journey you traveled. Realizing the gifts you receive along the way may be hidden within each lesson you learn, each obstacle you overcome and each creation you bring forth. The beauty of this perspective is that your life purpose no longer becomes an isolated “thing” to define and find, but rather, your life purpose can be viewed as the sum of each experience and journey you have in your life. Consider this journey like piecing together a puzzle. Some pieces are so oddly shaped and poorly defined you cannot imagine how they would fit into the picture you are working to create. Yet others are more clearly defined, like the coveted corner pieces of a puzzle, they clearly reflect the content and direction your soul is yearning to take.

If then, our life purpose and gifts are not a single definable moment or thing, how then do we connect with it? How do we put it together to form an end picture, which when hung upon “the wall” of our life, contains such beauty and balance that those looking upon it are inspired and moved deeply in their heart? My personal heartfelt thought is that our life purpose will unfold before us in perfect rhythm as the ebb and flow of the waves upon the shore. This happens when we move inward through our heart and connect with our spirit and our higher selves. And as we move inward, we move towards our Creator, to a dimension which resides beyond this physical world we live in.

For in connecting with our higher selves we move beyond this earthly life and connect with the very purpose for our incarnation onto this beautiful planet. There we have access to the reason our souls chose this time and place to manifest physically. There were lessons we wanted to learn, journeys we wanted to take, and other beings we wanted to interact with, help and learn from. This my friend, encompasses your life purpose, the “why “of why you are here. If you can embrace this for just a moment, you will find it holds a freedom and peace, a beauty like no other you have seen in your life.

With this priceless pearl you can create a marvelous journey which allows you to cherish, and be nourished by, both your struggles and your victories. For each experience in your life becomes part of a wonderful journey you personally chose to embark on when you came to earth.

May these words inspire you to seek, find, and cherish your gifts and to share them with those around you. Many blessing to you during this Holiday season and the coming New year.

Valerie Greguire, CH, Intuitive Health Consultant

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