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Reflections on a Forest Path

Dreams and visions often come to us when we rest and sleep, taking us on adventures to allow us to learn, grow and expand our current place of thought. The following vision came to me while resting in a half slumber one day, it seemed so real, so beautiful, I had to share it with you.

As I walked quietly along the lush forest path, sunbeams broke through the trees and danced before me. I was nearing a place where the forest opened above me and the trickle of water blended with the songs of the forest. Approaching the creek, my eye caught the flickering colors of rainbow light on a small boulder just ahead of me. I stopped in a amazement seeing a beautiful fairy laid sprawled across the rock as if asleep. The rainbow light reflected off her beautiful translucent wings. Awe and wonder filled me, is she real?

Kneeling down, love flowed from my heart to her; “are you alive?” Slowly she opened her eyes and turned to look at me, her eyes were so big and deep with mystery. Slowly she pulled herself up onto a moss covered stump by the creek side. She sat quietly for a moment, her head down as if in deep contemplation. Her beauty and presence was amazing. Looking up at me she spoke, “thank you for coming” her strength and energy seemed to be returning to her. “I do not understand” I said, “I was simply on a walk when I came across you lying here”. Her beautiful deep eyes widened, a look of magical amusement came from them, “you did not come by chance, but with purpose. You chose the path of growth and transformation which brings you to this quiet place in the forest. This is a place of renewal, a place where you can remember your calling and purpose. One is never here by accident, they are here by choice. “ Marveling at her words and the craziness of this whole meeting, I knew what she spoke was true. I had been seeking more answers as to how to fulfill my life purpose here on earth. Why did I come, what did I want to accomplish and share? I could see this yearning and desire awakening in people all around me, and I wished to help, to guide them, to tell them “yes, this is all real”.

The fairy sat up straighter, her rainbow wings gently moved back and forth, as a butterfly at rest. “You are a light worker my friend, your task and calling is to bring others to the gate of the forest. You are to guide and help them to understand the signs and guideposts they encounter along the way. You lead them to this place so we fairy’s and other light beings of the forest, can speak with them and share our wisdom with them. Our great Creator has made this place, it resides within the heart and soul of each of you, but you must learn to find it, to awaken its presence. We fairy’s have become weakened for no one has been coming to the forest. We could not give out our love and knowledge, we like you, must share our love and talents in order for us to be strong and healthy.” Pondering her words I asked “why haven’t the people been coming, this is such a wonderful, beautiful place.”

Her eyes looked at me with a piercing light that reached deep into my heart as she spoke, “the light workers have been holding back, they have been trapped in the illusions of self doubt and fear, doubting their own truth and gifts. Because of this, they are hesitant to lead others to the path of transformation and growth.” I understood what she was saying, I had often felt that I was not good enough, or wise enough to lead or teach others the truths I have learned about. I would hesitate to move forward, worried the task was too great, or the struggles would be too hard. That perhaps I would not know enough to be of help. As if reading my mind, she spoke again, “Light worker, you are always complete enough, you are always prepared enough for each task that is placed before you. And you are never alone, your guides and teachers whom have gone before you, are always with you. Your connection to your Creator and the Kingdom is within you, you cannot fail, for you are the Creator’s perfection. You found this path today because you set your heart to move forward, to reach out to others, and because of this, you have opened the gate for others to come here as well. They are hearing the call; their eyes are beginning to see with new sight. Do not hold back my friend, call others to this task, teach them, and share your truth with them, for there are many light workers yearning to fulfill their calling. Go back now and share this story with them, unite with them and you will see a great healing among your people and this beautiful Earth that you live on. “

Before I could speak another word the fairy magically transformed into a beautiful shimmering dragonfly. She quietly darted away across the creek bed, into the setting sun. I remembered then the message of the dragonfly which I had learned so long ago, it was more powerful than I had ever thought...

The Dragonfly helps us to let go of all the negative thoughts and beliefs which hold us back from being all we were meant to be. The dragonfly helps us to see how to achieve our dreams and goals, to embrace our vision. The dragonfly wants you to know that you possess the potential to bring your dreams and visions to reality. The dragonfly inspires spirituality and creativity helping us on our path to discovery and enlightenment.

copyright Restoring Light, 2020, all rights reserved

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