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Just when your life feels balanced,

When the waters reflect a stillness and peace,

A ripple will form,

For a note has sounded out in the Universe,

And this note resonated with your heart,

The ripple begins to move into your being,

You feel it, you are drawn to it,

There is no...

After a busy or stressful day, we often find it hard to get a good night’s sleep. One reason for this is that your sympathetic nervous system is on alert, and you are likely holding tension in your muscles as well. Nature’s Sunshine’s Herbal Sleep formula is one of my...

Man and nature, creating together in perfect harmony.

I had the pleasure of visiting a stone house this week which had beautiful gardens. Everything was a blend of God and man creating together. Wrought iron railings with leaf and vine designs were decorated with spira...

Your heart holds your dreams, visons and desires.

Like a silhouette, they stand silently waiting for you to discover them, to notice them.

For your dreams and visions are like a gem of great wealth,

Cut with so many beautiful facets one cannot see them all -

until the ligh...

As I begin my day, I become conscious of the thoughts which run through my head. What is my mood? Where am I focusing my thoughts and energy? What vibration am I holding?  Am I angry, am I feeling sorry for myself, or am I joyful and standing in my own power? I choose...

In the early morning light, the moon stood its ground  illuminating me with it’s presence. “How is it that you have not faded away?” I asked.

“I’m here to remind you, that there are thoughts and emotions you are holding in your mind from yesterday, 


A beautiful waterfall, a symbol of spiritual power and strength, it speaks to me about releasing our fears, moving through the obstacles in our life and the power to change our direction. As water in the waterfall it is renewed each moment, so is our vision and strengt...

May 14, 2016

Dreams and visions often come to us when we rest and sleep, taking us on adventures to allow us to learn, grow and expand our current place of thought. The following vision came to me while resting in a half slumber one day, it seemed so real, so beautiful, I had to s...

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