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I love the changing seasons; the fall weather is so invigorating. This unique time of year blends the expansive fire energy of the summer with the descending energy of early fall. Fall is a time of harvesting, of pulling in and building up energy reserves for winter. F...

A beautiful morning relaxing with an inspirational book. The whole experience just got better with a cup of organic  coffee with a scoop of medicinal mushrooms, yum! 

When you start your day with inspirational thoughts, healthy natural foods, and wholesome suppleme...

As the early morning light crossed the horizon, I stepped outside to check the weather; I was greeted by a wonderful cool crisp morning. It was quite the contrast from the warm humid mornings of the summer. One of the main indicators of the change of seasons is the sud...

Just when your life feels balanced,

When the waters reflect a stillness and peace,

A ripple will form,

For a note has sounded out in the Universe,

And this note resonated with your heart,

The ripple begins to move into your being,

You feel it, you are drawn to it,

There is no...

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