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Your digestive health is very much connected to your mind and your emotions. Most of us have felt “butterflies” in our stomach when we were nervous, or loss our appetite when we got angry or upset. These are isolated incidences which the body can recover from easily. S...

Ask not where you are going or dwell on where you been,

Ask “what am I seeing now?”

For in every moment there's something to learn, something to feel,

something to experience.

In every moment exists a door which you might enter and explore.

Your journey may last a mome...

Welcome to summertime, what a beautiful time of year. Summer brings the energy of expansion, a time when all our hard work, our dreams and ours desires blossom in fullness. Summer is a time of year to allow your creativity to grow and expand; it’s a time of year we ass...

Man and nature, creating together in perfect harmony.

I had the pleasure of visiting a stone house this week which had beautiful gardens. Everything was a blend of God and man creating together. Wrought iron railings with leaf and vine designs were decorated with spira...

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