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Yesterday as I took my morning walk a dense fog covered the ground, erasing all that was around me. I came across a branch lying on the ground upon which hung a cocoon. For the past week I had been reflecting on the magic of the cocoon. I had looked around the hedge ro...

ALJ is a wonderful herbal blend, formulated by herbalist Jeanne Burgess. Jeanne lived in the state of Oregon, she created this formula to support the sinus the lungs during cold, damp weather. It also doubled as a wonderful formula to help relieve allergy symptoms. I p...

Ancient Chinese medicine as well as, the new science of epigenetics, recognize that your thoughts and emotions affect the health of your cells. For instance, we know that when you perceive yourself as being under stress, your hormonal system becomes less active and you...

I took a walk last weekend in a wooded park. I had hoped to get some pictures of colorful fall leaves, but the long-wet summer was holding back the trees from their gradual changes. Instead they were just drying up and turning brown. It was on this walk that I came upo...

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