Just when your life feels balanced,

When the waters reflect a stillness and peace,

A ripple will form,

For a note has sounded out in the Universe,

And this note resonated with your heart,

The ripple begins to move into your being,

You feel it, you are drawn to it,

There is no...

Man and nature, creating together in perfect harmony.

I had the pleasure of visiting a stone house this week which had beautiful gardens. Everything was a blend of God and man creating together. Wrought iron railings with leaf and vine designs were decorated with spira...

The sunlight filters through the trees, glistening across the horizon. Her warm glow beckons me to silence. I stop and connect with spirit, all else fades away. In that moment I am one with my creator, in that moment I am whole.

How do we heal our bodies?  How do we act...

We are all co-creators with God and spirit. He has given us an amazing planet to live on, streaming with life. Everything we see is made of particles of light, energy and information. We are only now beginning to understand how magnificent and wonderfully made we are....

The new year is dawning, against the darkened horizon of the passing year

she shines her golden light. 

She offers promise, she offers hope. 

She beckons us to embrace our powers, to embrace our vision,

to embrace our hearts.

She urges us like a mother urging a child, 

To o...

As the sun sets the confederate rose contemplates the coming day, what will she create tomorrow? Her blooms begin as one color, and as the day progresses, they change color and intensity reminding us that we are the creators of the vibrations we hold. Where do you plac...

I took a walk last weekend in a wooded park. I had hoped to get some pictures of colorful fall leaves, but the long-wet summer was holding back the trees from their gradual changes. Instead they were just drying up and turning brown. It was on this walk that I came upo...

Your heart holds your dreams, visons and desires.

Like a silhouette, they stand silently waiting for you to discover them, to notice them.

For your dreams and visions are like a gem of great wealth,

Cut with so many beautiful facets one cannot see them all -

until the ligh...

September 7, 2018