Reflections of my Day

As I begin my day, I become conscious of the thoughts which run through my head. What is my mood? Where am I focusing my thoughts and energy? What vibration am I holding? Am I angry, am I feeling sorry for myself, or am I joyful and standing in my own power? I choose to become conscious of the colors I place on the canvas from which I create this day. For if I am unconscious of the colors I choose, of the brush strokes I make, and the images I am forming, I will allow circumstances or other people to dictate what manifests in my day. I would become, an un-conscious creator. But this is not my destiny. I choose to connect with my spirit and my heart. I choose to connect with God, my angels,

Awaken to your Truth

A snow flower spoke to me today, Her radiant beauty defied the cold and ice which surrounded her. She encouraged me to go inward to find my truth, “For within you lies the gateway to all you seek” she spoke, “Let go of your limiting beliefs which have engulfed you like a cocoon. The truth, which lies within your heart, cannot be destroyed, For it is a part of your true essence, and a part of your Creator as well.” The Snow Flower spoke to me today, She gave me hope and understanding, As I focused within, I felt a warmth and peace begin to grow, I felt old beliefs which had held me back, begin to melt and fade away. As my true essence was revealed to me, I awakened to the truth, That the powe

Message from the Morning Moon

In the early morning light, the moon stood its ground illuminating me with it’s presence. “How is it that you have not faded away?” I asked. “I’m here to remind you, that there are thoughts and emotions you are holding in your mind from yesterday, They are not a part of this present moment, unless you choose to bring them in. You can illuminate them, and they will stay, Or you can bring in new light, and let them fade away.” I glanced at the rising sun in the eastern sky, She urged me to illuminate my day with fresh thoughts, ideas and feelings, And turning back, I found the moon had faded away. Copyright2018 RestoringLight, allrights reserved

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