In Celebration of Knowing you

Our lives are interwoven in a beautiful and magical way, We are held together in a bond of energy and love, My heart connects to your heart, Your challenges are my challenges, I hear your voice calling to be heard, I will stand strong for you, I will embrace you when you hurt, I will encourage you to find your power again, I see your Spirit and it’s beautiful, I see you in all your perfection, You are already strong, I will help you to see this, Together we will change our lives, Together we will change our world, Together we will heal our pain. For our lives are interwoven in a beautiful and magical way, We are held together in a bond of energy and love, And nothing can separate us. Blessin

Opening to Magic

Our perspective on life is often the anchor to the situations we find ourselves in. We keep telling ourselves the same story over and over – “I will never find a better job”, “I’ll never find a person to share my life with”, “my body will never be able to heal itself”. These stories we tell ourselves are rooted in beliefs that have been ingrained in us since childhood, or formed during a highly emotional event in our life – but they are just stories. I am always looking for see things from another viewpoint, I don’t like being trapped by an old story that hangs over my head. One day I asked Spirit “show me a new way to see my life”, and the Universe responded and began in to show me a whole

Grounding your Energy to Increase Vitality

There is an old Chinese proverb which says “When you have a disease do not try to cure it. Find your center and you will be healed.” This proverb holds more gems than one can imagine, for it offers a bridge to healing which our ancient healers knew, but modern man has long forgotten. The secret to restoring your health and vitality is in understanding that "finding your center" refers to balancing the flow of life force energy through the body and making sure we have a strong balanced foundation in our lower energy center. The Chinese divide the body into three energy centers which they call the three dantians. The lower energy center or lower dantian is located just below the belly button,

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