Memories, I found this old photo today - 21 years ago my husband Fred and I opened our herb shop in Brockport, NY. We called it the 3rd Day Herb shop, everyone thought we named it that because we were only open 3 days a week. Others thought maybe it meant they would feel better in 3 days. The name actually came from the bible verses in Genesis referring to God creating the herbs of the field on the third day of Creation. We ended up hanging a sign on the wall with the bible verses so people understood. LOL

The Yin and Yang of Healing

No matter where we look in Nature we find that life is full of opposing forces seeking to find balance. And not just in the physical world, as our emotional and spiritual worlds play out with these dynamics as well. The ancient Chinese called this system of balance yin and yang, which they formed by observing patterns and balance in nature. When we look at the world of medicine and healing we can see the concept of yin and yang at work. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to healing is very different from our Western model of healing. TCM is a system of healthcare based on balancing the flow of energy through the body. This system recognizes that healing is dependent on transfor

Awakening your Intuition

My intuition spoke to me with quiet voice today. Notice the pictures below, when I first saw these beautiful flowers, I wanted to take their picture but the “ugly” meter and breaker boxes in the background seemed to ruin the photo. I walked away to look for something else to photograph, and my intuition spoke to me revealing a different picture to me… “As your intuition first begins to blossom, it is like a pretty flower which you notice, perhaps for a just fleeting moment. And then your attention quickly returns to your mind, which is always turning like the meter in the box. And the messages from your mind are always being sent out, like the electricity in the breaker box. But when you ma

Walking with Intuition

My intuition is always speaking to me in metaphors and dreams. This morning as I took my morning walk down the road, I passed a field of fresh cut hay, rolled into tight round bales. Such a pretty tranquil setting. I have always been drawn to hay bales, they are like little mysteries rolled up and dotting the landscape, always appearing and disappearing out of nowhere. As I walked along and pondered my attraction to them, my intuition spoke to me about how our life is full of possibilities, for new discoveries, new adventures and new insights. And like the hay bales sitting on the horizon, we are drawn to notice these possibilities, but often just glance their way and pass them by. Is the

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