SOS for your Nervous System

There are times in our life that stress gets the best of us and begins to wear us down. This is when your nervous system will send out an SOS call for additional nutritional support your nervous system. The following herbal formulas naturally contain the B-vitamins and magnesium the body needs for a healthy nervous system. In addition, they contain wonderful herbal properties which help sustain us through the stress. SUMA combination (#1088) – combines several adaptogen herbs along with herbs that strengthen your immune system and help your mind stay alert. What a great combination for stress. We have all been in the place where stress builds up and we push ourselves too hard. Soon we find o

Lavender Moments

The morning sunshine greeted me this morning as it danced upon the lavender blooms which had opened to celebrate springtime. Their gentle violet blooms caressed my heart and soothed my soul. As I gently ran my fingers across their petals, they released the healing scent of lavender into the air. What a beautiful plant our Creator has given us. Herbs are gifts to our body, mind and spirit. They contain nutrients which nourish us and help repair our bodies. They contain essential oils which activate our healing potential and touch our emotions. Herbs contain a vibrational signature which helps to bring our energetic bodies into balance. They are truly an amazing gift and no man-made supplement

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