Synchronicity and Spirit

As I wrote in my journal this morning I glanced up at a painting of my grandparents’ house. As I gazed at the painting the morning light cast a silhouette of the blinds on my wall, passing over the windows of my Grandparent’s house. A smile came across my face at this synchronicity. One of my fondest childhood memories is of sleeping at grandma’s house in her living room. As I would lay there at night, cars would drive by and their lights would reflect onto the blinds and create a silhouette on the wall. I loved watching the patterns on the wall move silently across the room, as the cars drove by. How fitting that Spirit would use this simple memory in a special way to start my day and make

Conquering Viruses

We’ve all had those days when we start to feel achy, our heads get a little stuffy or we start to sneeze we can just tell we are “fighting off a virus”. Although we all use that term few of us have given much thought to what a virus is or how to defend against it. A virus is a strange creature, they are not classified as living things -talk about weird, for they cannot reproduce on their own. They are made up of genetic coded material of DNA or RNA wrapped in a protein coating to protect and hide them. When you walk through a grocery store there are literally billions of viruses in the air all the time. Billions – wow, shouldn’t we all be sick all the time? Viruses are dormant when in the en

Preventing Migraines Naturally

Springtime welcomes beautiful flowers and an abundance of green plants, it’s the time of year where energy is reaching upward and outward. Not only the plants but we too experience the desire to move forward in our lives, start new projects and reach for new goals. With all this expansive energy happening the need for good health and vitality is particularly important. If you are not in good health, then springtime may bring a flare-up of various symptoms in your body. Many people experience more migraines and headaches in the Springtime. The reason for this may surprise you, as your liver and digestive energy are involved. If you have been following my newsletters, you know I study Chinese

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