The Beauty of Transformation

All that we release is allowed to become something more powerful, beautiful and complete. Transforming, ever evolving, we grasp the vision of growth and renewal. As the dandelion releases her seedlings to the wind, We release our ideas, our fears, our thoughts, Challenging the wind to carry them and place them, where they can grow and create new life. The process of transformation is not one of holding on But of releasing, in allowing and embracing change. Creating a new you may seem unnatural, confusing or uncertain, but trust the process, allow the changes to unfold. Watch and observe in quiet anticipation as you would observe a flower bud opening for the first time. Something special, som

Embracing our Fears

Each of us encounter fears in our lives, many of which we bury deep within us. They hold us back from doing that which we are called to do; they keep us from fully believing in ourselves. The power over fear comes when we realize that these fears serve a purpose. They reflect the areas of our life which we need to embrace, to understand and to transform. Today I chose to look my fears in the eyes and hop right on them, to ride out the experience. I have discovered that so much of fear is merely a story that runs through our head, written long ago when we were too young to understand its meaning or truth. Today I choose to focus on my heart; I connect to my spirit and my Creator. I choose to

Reflections on a Forest Path

Dreams and visions often come to us when we rest and sleep, taking us on adventures to allow us to learn, grow and expand our current place of thought. The following vision came to me while resting in a half slumber one day, it seemed so real, so beautiful, I had to share it with you. As I walked quietly along the lush forest path, sunbeams broke through the trees and danced before me. I was nearing a place where the forest opened above me and the trickle of water blended with the songs of the forest. Approaching the creek, my eye caught the flickering colors of rainbow light on a small boulder just ahead of me. I stopped in a amazement seeing a beautiful fairy laid sprawled across the roc

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