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My goal is to share my knowledge to educate others, and enlighten you to concepts in healing that you may not be familiar with. I want to help you understand these ideas so you can put them into action in order to improve your health. I hope to see you gain confidence and understanding, so that you can reach out to friends, family and acquaintances and spread the news that natural healing can change their lives.


Enjoy, Valerie


Shingles virus - Many people ask me how to build the immune system to help with viruses like the Shingles virus. In this video I will explain how specific nutrients get depleted and how this allows the shingles virus to activate in the body. 
Springtime is a wonderful time of year to focus on restoring your health and vitality, and to focus on balancing your body, mind, and spirit. We all know that the body is self-healing and self-regulating. Every day your body is creating about 300 billion new cells. The building blocks for these cells come from the food you eat. The quality of the building blocks equals the quality of the cell itself. Your body is always trying to restore balance and communication in its cells. When the body moves out of balance it will develop a dysfunction in the cells, organs, or tissues of the body. Symptoms will develop, such as pain, inflammation, or fatigue, to alert you of this imbalance. If you ignore or suppress the symptoms for a period of time, your body may not be able to return to balance and an illness or disease may manifest. No matter what disease name your doctor pens on your symptoms, or illness, the problem began due to cellular malfunction. There was an inability of the cells to repair themselves or maintain balance. To restore a weak area the body or reverse and illness you must move your focus off the symptoms and focus on building and restoring health.
Like homeopathic formulas, a Flower Essences is a vibrational formula. They are liquid extracts created from the vibrational imprint of the flowers they are made from. Unlike an herbal extract, they do not contain any vitamins, minerals, or plant substances. Flower essences support mind-body health and emotional well-being. Flower Essences evoke powerful feelings within the body and mind to help us shift our emotions. Emotions are energy, you can feel anger across a room, or feel someone’s prayers from hundreds of miles away. Likewise, emotions can get stuck in the body and be held there for years, or even a lifetime. When an emotion is stuck in the body it interferes with the flow of life force energy through the body. Flower essences help to move the stuck emotional energy and release it from the body, allowing emotional healing and transformation to take place.

Disclaimer: We do not directly dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of herbs or supplements as a form of treatment for illness. The information found on this web site, or given to you by your consultant, is for educational purposes only to empower people with knowledge to take care of their own health. The supplements that are recommended by your consultant are solely for nourishing and strengthening the natural function of the various body organs and systems so that they will have a greater capacity to heal themselves. Historically all of these herbs and vitamin supplements have been used to nutritionally support the body’s biological systems. Any questions or concerns that you have regarding existing medical conditions, or the use of medications with your program, should be discussed with your nutritionally-oriented medical doctor. 

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